About Hup Chung

A family-based company since 1970s; this has been our way of life. Our company name
'合衆'-"合衆人之力", founded by our late father,
Mr. Lim Teck Seong. This is his and our belief in running the business harmoniously as a family, everyone working together as one; the attitude all of us carry to work daily and success factor behind all events.


At Hup Chung, we have the largest array and varieties of equipment available for both Rental and Sales in the Industry as well as the largest fleet of manpower and vehicles available for dispatch. In our effort of distinguishing ourselves from the competition, we started fabricating our own tents and canvases from scratch almost two decades ago and own a dedicated Air-condition repair/maintenance team whose capable of handling even professional equipment like Air-Cooled Chillers which we own and used in likes of The Singapore Airshow. We too, are the first and remain to be; the only company that invested in a Million Dollar canvas washing machine in efforts to keep our canvas squeaky clean! There's simply no going wrong in choosing us as your preferred tent company.

We strived to improve our services every day following the footsteps of our Singapore Government over Safety of workers and Industry Innovation. That's why we are the First company to bring in high technological designed tents from Germany more than a decade ago and proudly debuted at The Singapore Airshow 2008; our 40 metre Free-span Roder HTS designed tent. These tents are designed to reduce manpower tremendously, have been through the toughest certifications in all areas of wind load, fire safety and durability; best of all it eliminates the need to climb up the tent for any works. Much have evolved since the early days of small wooden structures to huge free-span German-made tents, we seek your understanding and appreciate any feedback that would aid in our further improvement of our services to you, our Clients.

Every great event needs a great roof. For over four decades, our tents have sheltered some of your Nation's most important moments, from National Day, Singapore F1 Grand Prix, Singapore Airshow, and APEC Summit to Youth Olympics. We aim to provide our services not just to signature events but to everyone and every organizations; big or small in Singapore. This is because at Hup Chung, we are known for providing only the finest tents, backed by decades of expertise, commitment and trusted service through our teamwork.