Seating Gallery

Seating Galleries or Grand Stands brings indoor theatre seats to the great outdoors. From school anniversaries, to concerts or even a 15,000 seater Grand Stand for Singapore Grand Prix, with three types of seating available for choosing, we're sure to satisfy your seating needs.

3 Types of Seatings


The most compact of the three, it sacrifices a little comfort for maximum audience capacity. Perfect for smaller scale sports events, needing only as little as 4 feet by 8 feet to accomodate 50 pax.


Evolved from staging to provide seating capabilities with existing chairs, its able to accommodate large-scale events of up to the thousands. The combination of two existing equipment provides a fairly inexpensive seating solution for mid to large scale crowds.


The most high-end seating available in Singapore, it brings near-to indoor movie theatre level of comfort to the outdoors. Perfect example of being the chosen and sole choice of seats of F1 Formula Night Race - Singapore Grand Prix. The picture says it all.